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Register #2261: Jun 4th, 2016

WHP East *Morning Event* June 4, 2016

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park

Configuration: 1.25 Mile Road Course
Direction: East - CW

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Registration Options / Descriptions: 

HPDE1 (Beginner) - Classroom + 1x1 instructor passing only on main straights

HPDE2 (Novice) - Similar/same to HPDE1 but no instructor required

HPDE3 (Intermediate) - Passing limited

HPDE4 (Advanced) - Open passing with courtesy

Time Trial - Drivers compete for fastest lap time. Split "Big Bore" and "Small Bore" groups with at least 26 pre-registrations (4 days prior to event) . NOTE: This group requires a NASA Time Trial or Competition license to compete in.

RACE - (*No race* - Test & Tune - will be combined with TT for practice laps only) Requires a NASA Competition Racing License and current NASA medical examination.

Transponder Rental - Only available for Time Trial and Race Group. HPDE groups do not get timed! There are no refunds if you rent a transponder in HPDE. 

Tech Inspection - This option is ONLY for RACE group participants only that require an ONSITE annual tech inspection. Annual race inspections are available for free at any of the authorized shops if scheduled ahead of time. If your schedule does not allow for this, we can accommodate a limited number of onsite inspections if registered ahead of time for planning purposes.  $20 if car has previous year logbook and tech sticker  $40 if car does not have NASA race tech or sticker 2013 or older. 

VENDOR - No cost to register, we simply have this option so we can preplan out the paddock and take care of any needed logistics ahead of time. We can also help communicate your services at the event in our email blasts to our members if you take the time to pre-register. Thx!

*** NOTE: Registration for this event will CLOSE on Thursday 6/2/16 @ 8PM. Prices will also increase as the event gets closer! Register NOW to take advantage of the lower prices and guarantee your spot at the event!!! ***

Registration is closed for this event!