National Auto Sport Association

Register #2689: Dec 29th - 30th, 2017

New Year's Eve Eve 7 Hours of MIR

Memphis International Raceway

Configuration: Clock-wise

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Spread the word... We are happy to announce that the 7 hour endurance race at MIR on December 30 is a GO!

The National Office is finalizing a few things in the registration system for the event. As soon as they have it ready, official registration will open.

This event will be open to Chump/Champ, Lemons, WRL, AER, and NASA racers. DE3 & above drivers are eligible as well as those outside of NASA with documented experience.

More to come...Send us a message with Pam at

We are holding a 7 hour endurance race on December 30 at MIR's 1.8 mile road course. This is open to any driver that is at the DE3 level or above by that date. Others not at this level can be approved by Shawn, but in the interest of safety and the enjoyment of others, those with no track experience will not be approved. If interested, email him at

Drivers who do not have a NASA Competition License (basically HPDE 3, HPDE 4, and Time Trial drivers), can purchase a NELL (NASA Entry Level License) to allow them to run in the event.  Those drivers may be required to attend a classroom session on Friday night to review safety procedures and other pertinent topics.  More info to follow but for the NELL, a medical will not be required.

We plan to tentatively price this at $499 for the race + up to 4 drivers, with the price increasing one month after official registration opens.

The car requirements are any wheel to wheel approved race car that will pass a NASA annual tech.

There are many teams that will need additional drivers. If you are interested, choose the "Waiting List" option and we will get you hooked up with a team.  The amount they charge you is strictly up to them.

We will use the NASA endurance rules (with some supplemental ones) that can be found under the "Rules" tab on the site

We are still finalizing details but get ready. Come join us!

1 Day


200 Tread Wear Tires required for these classes

1 Day


These classes are open tire rules

1 Day


Price will be $75

1 Day


This option is for drivers without a team. We will assist in hooking you up with a team with open seats for purchase.

1 Day


We need roughly 10 Grid Marshals for Pit & Grid