National Auto Sport Association

Register #3029: May 18th - 19th, 2019

NY Safety Track HPDE "NY Spring Fling"

New York Safety Track

Configuration: 2.1 mile

New York Safety Track   Sat/Sun May 18-19   HPDE only

UPDATE 5/5/19:  The Sunday of this event is being run by AZP Installs Track Days, NASA has a long standing relationship with AZP. The owner is the Director of our NASA NE  Timing and Scoring. Their day was cancelled recently due to snow.  If you want to register for Sunday only please use the link below:

This is the first event for NASA NE at this track  located in  Davenport NY. It is a 2.1 mile track with 18 turns and 450 ft elevation. Great track for all HPDE levels. 
Facility includes 2 paddock parking areas, central building with classroom and bathrooms with showers, snack concession and pavilion. Event will include lunch for all 
drivers. Camping will be available from Fri 6pm for a fee of $20 paid to the track. Gates are closed at 10pm.  Limited power in paddock. There is no garage facility on site. There are no gas pumps onsite, and closest station is about 15 min  away. Bring fuel if possible!

This event includes all HPDE groups and Instructors. HPDE1 drivers are automatically assigned instructors. DO NOT choose Instructor option.

Racers/TT are welcome to run in HPDE4.

You will receive a receipt upon registration check out. Detailed info concerning this event will be emailed about 7-10 days before the event. Schedules will be posted on NE website as soon as they are finalized, usually 3-5 days before the event. Generally day starts at 7am with registration/tech inspection. Drivers meeting at 8:15am and first car on track at 9am. Day ends at 5pm.  

For hotel info please check the NYST website:

Drivers MUST be 18 years of age (NY State law)

For anyone looking for track insurance, please consider On Track Insurance who is one of our sponsors.

 IMPORTANT:    If you are registering a convertible car please call our office  1-973-900-7272  before completing registration.  VERY IMPORTANT !! 

Please choose registration based on your experience.

       HPDE1  Novice-  No experience or very limited experience. Instructors will be  assigned to each driver.  

       HPDE2  Multiple days/events. Cleared to Solo. 

       HPDE3 Multiple Track days at different tracks

       HPDE4 Advanced 20+ track days with open passing  

You may choose a car number when you register and we will notify you if it needs to change. 2 or 3 digit numbers are better choices. Numbers can be done in tape or we sell adhesive numbers at registration. Numbers must be 7 inches in size or larger. 


Registration is closed for this event!