National Auto Sport Association

Register #3111: May 17th - 19th, 2019

Instruct Hyperdrives on Patriot Course for Hyperfest 2019

VIR Patriot Course

This registration is only for those instructors wishing to instruct on Patriot Course on Saturday May 18 for HyperFest 2019!  We need 20 Instructors who can dedicate themselves to instruct 5 Hyperdrive sessions during the day Saturday on the Patriot Course. We appreciate your help with the Hyperdrive program.  A one session hyperdrive helps introduce people to motorsports and the road racing community in a low cost and fun way. We have had more than a few people who have progressed from a hyperdrive to becoming a National and/or Regional champion such as Kevin Helms, DJ Fitzpatrick and Scott Blair!  
Go to this link for more information about HyperFest!

The benefits/compensation for volunteering:  


  • First open track session on VIR Full course on Friday May 17

  • One additional session on VIR Full course Friday May 17 (each instructor will be given a pass for either the 2nd or 3rd Open Track session.  

  • 30 minutes of track time on Patriot Course Friday May 17 at 5PM. 

  • Track time on Full Course VIR on Sunday in HPDE 4 or Time Trial

  • Lunch Sat/Sun (delivered to the Patriot Course on Saturday)

  • Possible sponsor goodies

Friday, May 17th -You will be given two sessions of track time on VIR Full Course and then will drive Patriot for thirty minutes at 5PM to get familiar with, or "brush up" on the course.  

Saturday, May 18th
 - You will be dedicated to the Hyperdrivers on the Patriot Course. There are 5 total sessions. You will be provided lunch.  

Saturday's schedule on the Patriot Course will be Hyperdrives and Drifting with alternating sessions.   The Drift sessions will be 40-60 minutes, allowing ample time for rest and spectating and socializing.   Zack McAfee will be running classroom up at the Patriot Course, in the Carriage House.  These Hyperdrives will work as they always have.  Students have purchased an on track session and will be required to sit through a classroom session, similar to the first one of the weekend for any HPDE1 Student. Instructors will do the tech inspection of Hyperdrive cars. 

Sunday, May 19th
- You will be allowed to run the Full Course with no students assigned in either HPDE4 or TT group. Lunch will be provided. Please indicate in your notes section to admin which you prefer (HPDE 4 or TT)

Please email Laura, if you need more info.  

All drivers are responsible for any track damage that is the result of their actions on or off track and will be financially responsible for repair/replacement of damaged track property.  

Registration is closed for this event!