National Auto Sport Association

Entry List for #3254: Jun 13th - 14th, 2020

HPDE, Racing, and Time Trial

Buttonwillow Raceway Park

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DriverRegionClassCarCar #Tx #
jeremy pattersonCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30bmw 325i284986920
2S1039: Team ST EDGE MVCalifornia- Northern RegionTT4BMW M3388999035
2S1039: Team ST EDGE MVCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3388999035
Anthony ZwainCalifornia- Northern RegionE1BMW M3388999035
2S1349: Edge MW TCRCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330I754635137
2S1187: EDGE Motorworks #37California- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3373216262
Duke ZanderCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata099191890
2S1656: JDZ MOTORSPORTSCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46Bmw 330CI15
1E1679: JDZ MOTORSPORTSCalifornia- Northern RegionE2Bmw 330CI15
John YagerCalifornia- Northern RegionTT3Nissan 350z654147374
Bailey WoodsCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5BMW M313
Jim WinneCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci996956733
Clayton Williams (TMC)California- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata175432373
Peter WeschCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata400539835
1E183: HQ Autosport (e)California- Southern RegionE2BMW 128i282319144
1E1455: Shiflett Raceing California- Northern RegionE3SBMW E30510201961
Will WattanawongkiriCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 4Nissan 350z1078154837
Ralph WarrenCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2BMW M3174629446
Ryan WaltonCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang540379389
Edward WagnerCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325400
James WagamanCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Mazda Spirit774490635
Kevin VogelCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Chevrolet Corvette201541079
Daniel VerityCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata831251534
David VarcoCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata980224668
Jon Van CaneghemCalifornia- Southern RegionTTUMAZDA ELAN DP0272091796
Jon Van CaneghemCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedMAZDA ELAN DP0272091796
2S1065: Beans & Dog RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4honda crx450267120
1E1342: Make Saturns Great AgainCalifornia- Southern RegionE3SSaturn SC22679257
Roman VaismanCalifornia- Southern RegionTT6Saturn SC22679257
Chad TrowerCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 3255568283451
Sean TretiakCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5scion frs1862313568
David Tooker 18-1072 (TMC)California- Northern RegionSpec Miatamazda miata835598958
2S1347: GT Auto LoungeCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M338524014
Oli ThordarsonCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Chevrolet Z06221931010
Nick ThiemannCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i214712330
2S696: Trackspec Autosports - Toyo Tires - RavenolCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3177508495
1E905: Trackspec Autosports - Toyo Tires - RavenolCalifornia- Northern RegionE1BMW M3177508495
2S1331: Supertech58California- Northern RegionSpec Miatamazda miata37
2S1332: Supertech49California- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3491121298
2S1008: Team Ed SukchaiCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW Spec E30665472889
1E523: Big Papa Brings The HeatCalifornia- Southern RegionE3SBMW 325is280897258
2S337: Team Hemisphere RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M31819584992
1E1459: Chill Motorsports by Strom MotorsportsCalifornia- Southern RegionESPorsche GT4 MR214428903
2S337: Team Hemisphere RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionTT4BMW M31819584992
1E1633: Team Hemisphere EnduranceCalifornia- Southern RegionE1BMW M31819584992
Steven StepanianCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330i461740127
David Standridge 18-0241California- Northern RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster868680809
Justin SprugasciCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4Bmw M3424
1E1686: Occupy Pit LaneCalifornia- Southern RegionE1Mazda Miata3336589361
Patrick SloanCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944181246126
Eric SlivkoffCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata527249923
1E169: PMG Awareness (Enduro Team)California- Southern RegionESRPorsche GT3Cup291823347
Sat SinghCalifornia- Northern RegionTTUBMW M3126076943
Jordan SiderisCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Panoz GTS451943945
Bryan ShiflettCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30BMW E30510201961
Debby SharpCalifornia- Southern RegionTT6Porsche 944580375305
Charles SharpCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944580375305
Tony SeneseCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec Miatamazda miata511670550
Blake SeloverCalifornia- Southern RegionTT1Cadillac CTS-V2256937091
Blake SeloverCalifornia- Southern RegionTT1Cadillac CTS-V2256937091
Joel SelmanArizona RegionTT5bmw z4 rdst.559061813
JoJo SaundersCalifornia- Northern RegionThunderRoadster GTRThunder Roadster GTR843084278
1E82: Wake BallastCalifornia- Southern RegionE1bmw 330805135911
Michael SabahiCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedPorsche Boxster236Non
MARK STENZELCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMAZDA MIATA770426131
Dan RoseCalifornia- Southern RegionTT1BMW M Coupe Z3761812965
Dan RoseCalifornia- Southern RegionTT1BMW M Coupe Z3761812965
Andrew RiordanCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 5Honda S2000110650920
Jacques RimokhCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325IS322775682
Jim RichmondCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944351176956
2S1693: HQ Autosport SE46 Sprint TeamCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 128i282319144
Matt PrudenCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330Ci644904199
Joseph PowersCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330i558979736
1E1403: Team Rotary Heads ToCalifornia- Southern RegionE2mazda miata609407749
2S767: Team Rotary HeadsCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 5mazda miata609407749
Ryan PondCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata2110312070
2S1393: Team Shift Faced RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 3304440676316
1E1378: Team Shift Faced RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionE1BMW 3304440676316
1E1684: Plavan RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionESElan NP01029002321
Vic PizzinoCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2BMW E463339345
1E1643: MarketEdge / Performance Plus TiresCalifornia- Southern RegionE1BMW M3571755880
Jet PatelCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 5Scion FRS513425155
Peter OneppoCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330Ci450676450
Peter OneppoCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW 330Ci450676450
1E1013: Team Abergel Motorsports California- Southern RegionE3Mazda Miata235743331
1E1354: Route 7 MotorsportsCalifornia- Southern RegionE3SBMW 325i125
Jeoffrey NgoCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5Scion FRS1867246955
1E701: Technik CompetitionCalifornia- Southern RegionE2bmw 330143534820
Adrian MulhallCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW E36 M3131965663
Dylan MosesianCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche Spec 944266707966
2S1734: Moore RacingCalifornia- Northern RegionTT4BMW M3373216262
Blake MinasianCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata164945172
Mickey MillerCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW E30884865367
Michael MihldCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325is53661161
Carlos MejiaCalifornia- Southern RegionTT1Chevrolet corvette477315334
Stephen MchenryCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata280579716
TC McNettCalifornia- Southern RegionTT3Chevy Corvette332499539
JoJo McKenzieCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i150578351
1E1636: Thundercock RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionE3SBMW 325i121078111
1E207: Team BMW Z4California- Northern RegionE0BMW Z4 M Coupe1753095795
John MagnusonCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5MAZDA MX5301435963
Richard LucquetCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMAZDA MIATA631702446
Cole LoftsgardCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Ford Boss 302S422629374
Troy LindstromCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedChevrolet Silverado664807654
Alexander LewkowiczCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW E46 330ci1686122650
Don LariviereCalifornia- Southern RegionAmerican IronFord Mustang131803203
1E503: Lang Racing DevelopmentCalifornia- Southern RegionESRNorma M20 FC039521526
Andrew LangCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedNorma M20 FC039521526
James LandryCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra151083815
Andy KwitowskiCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M3502242200
Keith KramerCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra337099977
1E1371: Black Swan SearchCalifornia- Southern RegionE3SBMW Spec E306213855520
2S1094: RKMotorsportsCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330CI878352691
Greg KarrCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Honda Civic264912094
Peter JonesCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330Ci583377578
Dan JohnsonCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec Miatamazda miata597887130
Carl JohnkCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata389653782
Jerick JavierCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i236809032
Sam ImaiCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5Honda Civic51
2S1220: TM2 MotorsportsCalifornia- Southern RegionTT1BMW 135934408456
Kenneth HymanCalifornia- Southern RegionTTUPorsch 9111944132424
Francis HuCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Elan NP01258724427
Eirik HolmCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 3256153601403
Eirik HolmCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 5BMW 3256153601403
1E1675: Red Hawk RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionE3SBMW 3256153601403
Dennis HollowayCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata561573726
Chris HillCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Porsche GT4 MR214428903
Gus HerediaCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra172647363
Brian HendricksCalifornia- Southern RegionTT4Nissan 350Z Nismo0222129471
Mikhael HaddadCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata927922189
Hannah Grisham (TMC)California- Southern RegionSpec MiataMAZDA MIATA7877495615
2S1079: Team GreenbaumCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5BMW M3771243969
Richard GrayCalifornia- Southern RegionESElan NP01101947262
2S1658: JagerbombsCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 6bmw e3044
2S1658: JagerbombsCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30bmw e3044
1E1024: RacingRuinedMyLife.comCalifornia- Northern RegionE2BMW 325221758213
2S463: Super Banzai RacingCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944421460028
Pat GarrettCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5BMW 328i1631343041
Evan GardnerCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2Rossion Q1R58348508
Ryan FlahertyCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra282684181
2S20: Ferrario & BlickmanCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW Spec e46932737121
Pete FeldmanCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW E3021
Loren FancyCalifornia- Southern RegionTTUAcura integra......super rocket50175771
Andre EisenbachCalifornia- Northern RegionTT5BMW 325i692268241
Austin EdwardsCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata18197536
Nathan EdmondsCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5Mazda RX-8730387913
George EdisonCalifornia- Southern RegionTT4bmw m37121412142
Sean DouglassCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata270300245
Corentin DerboisCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata762804644
Keith DeesCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata121224615
Jerry DeLiraCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 944456879970
Everett DeLanoCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 924S025478084
Marcel DeKerpelCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4honda civic3715281480
Robert DavisCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata632300922
2S1683: EPAZ RacingArizona RegionSuper Touring 4BMW M369015147
1E1690: EPAZ RacingArizona RegionE1BMW M369015147
2S1420: Black Swan SearchCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW Spec e30215750073
Ronald DaleCalifornia- Northern Region944 Specporsche 9441304489026
Viktor CzaplaCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 3Audi R88881220768
Peter CzajkowskiCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 3Porsche 911S1819376567
Wyatt Couch (TMC)California- Northern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata668556809
James CooleyCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper UnlimitedChevy Monte Carlo31
Andrew ClarkCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i139591235
Steven ChamplinCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata703469392
Paul Carr-RollittCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra425281480
Charles BuzzettiCalifornia- Southern Region944 SpecPorsche 924s9869407633
Charles BuzzettiCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 6Porsche 924s9869407633
1E344: Buzz Bomb RacingCalifornia- Southern RegionE3SPorsche 9449081344708
Ezra BurkeCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 6BMW 325182043054
Ezra BurkeCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW 325182043054
Rob BurgoonCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata919561948
2S996: P-Squared MotorsportsCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci473320419
Scott BudshawCalifornia- Southern RegionTT5BMW M31087483867
Ryan BittnerCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330ci883633221
Chris BennettCalifornia- Southern RegionTT1Chevrolet Corvette7306755311
Michael BealeCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec E46BMW 330i1897150135
Jerry "Warner" BaxterCalifornia- Southern RegionSpec MiataMazda Miata6123267181
Michael BarbaCalifornia- Southern RegionTT4BMW 330I180
Aristotle BaloghCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E30BMW 325i623120584
Aristotle BaloghCalifornia- Northern RegionTTUBMW 325i623120584
Aristotle BaloghCalifornia- Northern RegionSuper Touring 6BMW 325i623120584
Alexander BalinskyCalifornia- Southern RegionTTUPorsche 911 Carrera 4S442076474
Gary BakerCalifornia- Northern RegionSpec E46BMW 330CI4166821897
Jeffery Awender 17-0353California- Northern RegionThunderRoadster GTRInex Thunder Roadster 050655892
Thomas AtteberryCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 3Porsche 944S911724243
2S1659: Blue Race Juice!California- Southern RegionSpec E30BMW E3069
2S1659: Blue Race Juice!California- Southern RegionSuper Touring 6bmw e3068
Ayed AlnajjarCalifornia- Southern RegionSuper Touring 2BMW M346
2S1222: Kid's College Fund MotorsportsCalifornia- Southern RegionHonda Chal 4Acura Integra290802680