National Auto Sport Association

NASA Spec Tire Program Update

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) announced today that three classes will lead the implementation of the new Toyo R888 tire for NASA's spec tire program. Racers in the SpecE30, 944 Spec, and Spec Focus class will all switch to the R888 from the previous RA-1 tire on June 2, 2008. Racers will be allowed to use both the R888 and RA-1 from January 1, 2008 until the June cut-over date when the R888 will be the required tire. NASA's other spec tire programs will remain on the RA-1 for the balance of 2008, but will begin using the R888 on January 1, 2009 as the RA-1 is phased out by Toyo in favor of the R888. Questions regarding the spec tire program can be directed to our competition manager at

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