National Auto Sport Association

NASA Announces Toyo Tire R888 Transition Period

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) announced today a change in NASA's spec tire program for the 2009 season. Beginning January 1st, 2009, NASA's spec tire program will transition from the required Toyo RA-1 tire to the new R888 tire as the RA-1 is phased out of production. To assist with this transitional period, competitors will be eligible to use the Toyo RA-1 or R888 tire for the first 2 race weekends of the 2009 season in their respective region. However, this rule will not apply to the classes which have already transitioned to the R888. This change was enacted to allow competitors ample time to use any remaining tires they may have left over from the 2008 season. After this period, the Toyo R888 will be the only tire allowed in the Toyo tire classes.

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