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Endurance Racing, is it for you?

Endurance racing is a motorsport which challenges drivers perhaps more than any other type of racing. Those who suit up often endure exposure to extreme temperatures when some races are held in zero degree weather or when temperatures inside the vehicle can reach 130 degrees. It takes a special person to perform the required mental and physical calisthenics to compete in a three, six, twelve, or twenty-five hour race; it takes a person who enjoys a mental as well as physical challenge.

This form of racing is enjoying a surge in popularity as people are realizing how much fun the sport can be and how easy it is to enter a race and compete. In endurance racing, drivers typically drive a road course circuit that, depending on its length, would require more than one driver to take shifts on the course. While that might reduce the fatigue each driver endures, it also requires well-choreographed teamwork to run smoothly.

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