National Auto Sport Association

NASA Announces New Spec Class for E36 BMW's

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to introduce a new spec class for BMW E36 chassis cars (1993-1995 325i-is) called Spec 3.   Spec 3 rules are based largely on the tried and true format that exists for NASA's successful Spec E30 class for E30 chassis BMW's.   Spec 3 will be a regional level class initially and will convert to a national level class once class participation is high enough.  Spec E30 National Champion and Mid Atlantic Regional Director Chris Cobetto has written the rules for the class and stated "The BMW 3 series platform has traditionally been a fun and very reliable platform. Our idea in creating Spec 3 was to adapt the successful Spec E30 philosophy to E36 chassis cars.  Spec E30 succeeds because the cars are inexpensive to build and maintain, reliable, and competitive without being overly complex.  This combination has proven attractive to both new and experienced drivers looking for cars that do not require complex sorting.  We have spent much of the 2008 season sorting our Spec 3 test car and have come up with what we think is a package for the E36 that works very well."

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