National Auto Sport Association

Announcing new streamlined safety inspection for NASA racers.

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to introduce a new streamlined safety inspection procedure for racers at NASA events. Instead of having to turn in forms and visit the technical inspection area each morning, racers will now be able to secure an annual inspection sticker after turning in two forms to their local region. This annual inspection sticker will be good in every NASA region and will greatly reduce time spent waiting in line for forms to be completed while ensuring that cars still meet safety requirements with random inspections in impound for required items as has been the current practice for many years. The new forms can be found at and annual inspection stickers will be available at events after March 8, 2010. Until that date, racers can continue to use the same processes as before and will only need to turn in the new forms at their first event after March 8 to obtain their annual tech sticker if they already have an annual inspection in place. Racers will not have to redo their annuals but will only need to show their logbook with a current annual in place to a NASA inspector at their first event after the annual stickers become available. If you have any questions, please contact your local NASA regional office for more details.

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