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Announcing Shawn Meze as the National Director for NASA's Super Touring Series and more

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce the selection of Shawn Meze to the positions of National Director for NASA's Super Touring series and Assistant National Director for NASA's Performance Touring and Time Trial series. Shawn will be joining Dr. Greg Greenbaum to form a cohesive and experienced team to manage three of NASA's fastest growing and most exciting groups. Greg developed and started the Super Touring Series in 2007 and has been the National Director since then. "Since I started and developed the National Time Trial Program in 2004, the Performance Touring Series in 2006, and the Super Touring Series in 2007, I have competed in TTB, TTC, TTD, PTB, and PTC, and I have been the National Director for all three series. I plan to compete in ST this year and it will be great to have Shawn as our National Director. Shawn is an excellent choice and we will work closely together on building all three series in the future."

Shawn came to his first NASA event at the urging of his friend in 2005 where he went on to win the regional TTE championship in NASA's Southern California Region. Since then, Shawn has been deeply involved in the Time Trial program where he also instructed HPDE 1 drivers and eventually also obtained his competition license. Shawn finished 2nd in a rented Spec Miata competing in PTE at the first National championship in 2006, and also finished 3rd in a Spec Focus in TTE. "It was a great experience where I met alot of great competitors who have since become good friends" said Shawn. In 2008, Shawn became the Time Trial Assistant Director as well as the PT & ST Co-Director for the Southern California Region. Shawn has also worked as a NASA Race Director at the 2008 and 2009 National Championships at the Mid Ohio Sports Car Course and Miller Motorsports Park. Shawn has also worked very closely with Greg Greenbaum maintaining the rules for the TT, PT and ST programs and will continue that role in his new position. Shawn also co-drives a Mazda RX-8 in TTD and competesin the NASA's WERC enduro series. Shawn added that "The tracks are truly great but the people are what makes it so much fun!"

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