National Auto Sport Association

New for 2010 Yokohama Tire Contingency Program

RICHMOND, CA - The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that it has secured a brand new contingency program for NASA racers from Yokohama tire. The program is valued at more than $4 Million in product for the 2010 season and will be administered by Southern California-based Trackside Performance. The program pays out 3 tires to the first place finisher in eligible classes and up to 4 tires per class for any open tire racing class. This generous program can enable a successful competitor to take home up to 6 tires for 2 race wins in a single weekend. Any competitor wishing to take part in the Yokohama contingency program must register before they can be eligible for a contingency award. Registration forms can be found at HERE.
For complete details on the NASA Yokohama contingency program, please visit HERE.

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