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Honda Performance Development becomes Title Sponsor of Honda Challenge Series

Richmond, CA - The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce that Honda Performance Development (HPD) has been named Title Sponsor of NASA's Honda Challenge series. The partnership will introduce NASA members to the HPD brand and the many incentives that come along with being a member of the Honda Racing Line, HPD’s racer-support program. The title sponsorship program is a multi-year deal that includes a number of other fantastic additions to the Honda Challenge series, including lucrative contingency programs and a television presence at the NASA National Championships.
“We are thrilled that HPD has come on board as the title sponsor of the Honda Challenge series,” said Jeremy Croiset, NASA Sponsorship Manager. “The Honda Racing Line program has been a valued asset for any Honda Challenge competitor. The easy and super-quick shipping of any Honda part ordered, and the recently added ServiceExpress function, which is an internet-based library where HPD Honda Racing Line members can see exploded-view diagrams, are both exceptionally helpful to any Honda or Acura racer. We are looking forward to the exciting additions this new sponsorship program will bring to the Honda Challenge series in NASA.
“We are excited about the title sponsorship of NASA’s Honda Challenge series” said Marc Sours, HPD Production Division Manager. “NASA has proven to have a successful and growing program and this entitlement should provide us a wonderful opportunity to reach out to those racers with an affinity for the Honda brand and help them in their racing endeavors. The Honda Racing Line program offers a number of benefits which any Honda/Acura racer can take free advantage of, and we look forward to working with NASA to further develop the program.”
About Honda Performance Development (HPD)

Honda Performance Development (HPD) is Honda’s racing company within North America. Founded in 1993, and located in Santa Clarita, Calif., HPD is the technical operations center for American Honda’s high-performance racing cars and engines.  In addition to its grassroots motorsports business, HPD is the single engine supplier to the IZOD IndyCar Series and participates in both the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) and the European-based LeMans Series (LMS) with their engine and chassis lease program.
About NASA

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) was formed in 1991 to deliver high-quality motorsports events to enthusiasts at major racing venues throughout the nation. NASA is a 12,000-member motorsports organization dedicated to organizing and promoting racing activities for both the aspiring and accomplished racer.  NASA programs allow owners of both high-performance street-driven vehicles and racecars to enjoy the full performance capabilities of their cars in a controlled environment.  NASA presents many different programs that allow drivers to enjoy motorsports on a number of different levels, including High Performance Driving Events (HPDE), Time Trial, NASA-X, Rally Sport and Competition Racing programs.

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