National Auto Sport Association

Notice for NASA Racers with Impact Racing Products

The national office received the following from Impact Racing Products:

Attention Racers:

In regards to our current situation with SFI, we understand that some racers may have trouble passing tech inspections with Impact Racing safety equipment. To remedy this inconvenience, Impact Racing can provide you with a Date of Manufacture Verification form for products purchased in 2009 and 2010 only. If you call the Impact Racing office at 317-852-3067 you can obtain this form from any one of our sales associates. You will have to provide a proof of purchase. Please check with your sanctioning body to see if this form will allow you to pass tech and race at your event. Any racers with products purchased prior to 2009 can call Impact to order new product at a discounted rate.

Effective immediately, NASA is requiring those drivers that own Impact Racing suits to bring their purchase receipt as well as the letter from Impact Racing to the track events and present them to the local inspector. “We hate to see any additional hassle for our drivers, but we realized that in order to get a letter from Impact, you will need to have a receipt anyway. Therefore, we feel that asking them to bring the receipt and the letter is not too much to ask,” commented Executive Director, Jerry Kunzman.

More information regarding the SFI decertification of Impact products can be found elsewhere on this page.

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