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NASA NP01 at SEMA 2015

Napa Valley, CA – (November 13, 2015) NASA and Elan Motorsports unveiled the first production version of the new class of purpose built race cars, the NASA Prototype (NP) series at the 2015 SEMA show. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) in Las Vegas (Nevada, USA) is regarded worldwide as the leading trade show for customization and sports tuning. The products presented at SEMA to trade experts influence the entire scene and set trends.

The 2015 SEMA show which ran November 3rd to 6th proved to be the perfect venue for the NASA Prototypes debut. NASA had the opportunity to work with our good friends at Toyo Tires & HAWK Performance this year, to introduce industry insiders and show attendees to the new purpose built race cars. The HAWK Performance booth was buzzing with activity as show attendees’ walked around examining this new class of cars built by Elan Technologies. NASA representatives’ on hand to support their partners eagerly spoke to dozens of folks interested in what the NP01 had to offer.

Attendees’ were very impressed by the design and the cost effectiveness for running a vehicle that can be entered into several classes; Time Trials, Sprint, & Endurance Road Races. A point of key interest was the fact that 18 NP01’s have already been sold to date and they are already set to start racing in 2016 with the NASA NP Championship Series.

“80 people jumped in the driver’s seat, proving that even big drivers could fit.  The largest was 6’5” at 325Lbs and with the pedals out at its furthest adjustment point, he fit. We even saw a former F1, CART, IRL, GrandAM, NASCAR driver stop by and comment how much he loved the car. He giggled when he was told the price and said he wanted to be involved with the project in some way.” said John Mueller NASA Strategic Marketing & Project Manager.  Everyone was very impressed with the final product and asked when the next track test day would be.

The NP Series will offer something unique in all of motorsports - the opportunity to race a prototype style vehicle designed from the ground up to be fast, fun, safe, and most importantly affordable. This new series is exclusive to NASA. Drivers will be able to compete at any of the over 150 NASA sanctioned events nationwide. However, the main series will feature just 18 race weekends split into 3 areas across the country making it much easier for competitors to contend for a championship. The series will visit many of the country's greatest racing venues. The NP series will feature an innovative rules package focused on performance, affordability, cost containment, and showcasing driver ability. Lots of excitement in the crowd to get on track and race these new machines in the NASA 2016 season.

About NASA

The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) was formed in 1991 with the premise of delivering high-quality motorsports events to enthusiasts at major racing venues throughout the nation. NASA has created programs that allow owners of both racecars and high-performance street-driven vehicles to enjoy the full performance capabilities of their cars in a controlled professionally managed environment. NASA offers many different programs that will allow you to enjoy motorsports on a number of different levels, including our High Performance Driving Events (HPDE), Rally Sport, Time Trial, NASA-X and Competition Racing programs. 

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