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Flying Lizard Audi Leads NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance at 12 Hours


Flying Lizard Audi Leads NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill
presented by Hawk Performance at 12 Hours
Rain expected through the night

WILLOWS, Calif. (Dec. 5, 2015) - The 13th running of the NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance has reached the 12 hour mark with the No. 45 Flying Lizard Audi leading the race overall.

As teams have one eye on the 2.86-mile, 15-turn track and the other the weather radar with rain heading toward the area sometime around 1 a.m. they are plotting their driver and team strategies.

The No. 45 Flying Lizard Audi became the overall leader at the seven hour mark. The team currently is circulating with a 10 lap lead over second place.

"We are in the lead and the car is really running well," Darren Law said. "The car, the team and the Toyo tires are all in sync. We are really just trying to run a pace and keep out of trouble. With the different speed differentials you really have to pay attention. We know the rain is coming. Good for us, we ran on Thursday in the wet. Toyo has an intermediate and a full rain tire, so we are ready. We actually are hoping for rain. Our Audi has ABS and traction control, which our competition does not."

A new leader has emerged in the ESR Class. The No. 69 Gryphon Racing Praga entry has taken over at the front of ESR.

"We are running first in the ESR class and I am getting ready for my second stint," Ari Straus said. "I had a few issues here and there in my first stint. Gryphon Racing has put together a great Praga race car for us. I may see some rain during my run. We are ready for those conditions, we just have to keep speed coming over the wing."

In E0 the No. 61 RoadShagger Racing BMW leads the class.

"Good news we are still in the lead in E0," John Morley said. "The car is not extremely fast right now, but it is reliable. The car owner Gavin Ernstone is in the car and doing a great job. No real drama during my run. The car's handling is all over the place at the moment. When the rain comes we will find out what we have. We have rain tires and a plan, hopefully it goes according to that plan."

In the E1 Class, the No. 66 BMW of Bullet Motorsports has taken over the lead.

"The car is working really well," Tristan Littlehale said. "I just did a double stint. I was right behind the Award Motorsport Porsche when it went into the wall with the Miata. I escaped that drama, so pretty good. Our plan for the rain is to keep it on the track and get to the morning."

No. 34 Mazda RX-8 of RDR Racing continues to lead the E2 Class.

"We are just turning laps in the lead of the E2 Class," Dennis Holloway said. "We had some contact coming over the hill earlier and bent a tie-rod but we got that fixed. Everything seems to be good right now. I think the rain is going to skirt a little bit to the north. No, I think right when I get in it is going to start rain and I will have to go from slicks to wets, so that will be fun."

In E3 it is the pole sitting No. 40 RAmotorsport Mazda Miata has taken over the lead.

"We have had some challenges, but we are in the lead right now," Scott Miller, team manager said. "We have had some parts come loose, tire wear that we didn't expect, fuel economy that hasn't quite worked out, the usual stuff. A long way to go. It is going to rain, it is coming. The rain is not going to fall within our tire cycle right now, so we have to figure that out.

CLP Motorsports remains the leader in the all-new NP01 class.

"It is going pretty well for us with this new car," Jeremy Croiset said. "We expected some teething issues with a new car and its first time in competition. This is a race that eats even the most seasoned race cars for breakfast. We have rain tires mounted and we are going to do some shock adjustments and see what the 25 has in store for us in the wet."

25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance information:

Professional drivers listed on the entry include: Al Unser Jr., Ryan Eversley, Kyle Marcelli, Randy Pobst, Burt Frisselle, Brian Frisselle, Dion von Moltke, Mike Skeen, Colin Braun, Kurt Busch, Johannes van Overbeek, Guy Cosmo, Darren Law, Joel Miller, Tommy Sadler, Sean Rayhall, Darren Law, Tyler McQuarie, Kelly Collins, Taz Harvey, Jeremy Croiset, Will Faules, etc.

The NASA 25 Hours of Thunderhill presented by Hawk Performance will see a field of 63 cars racing in seven classes (ES, ESR, E0, E1, E2, E3, NP01) going twice around the clock plus an hour over the 2.86-mile, 15-turn track located 90-minutes north of Sacramento.

For additional information, please contact NASA Media Director, Kyle Chura at or (248) 821-0468.  More detail on NASA and the Thunderhill 25 Hour can be found at or

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