National Auto Sport Association

NASA 2016 Hawk Performance Contingency Program

Napa Valley, CA (February 22, 2016) — The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce the new 2016 Hawk Performance Contingency Program. Although it may look like the same program, there is drastic change this year that should be very well received by the NASA community. NASA competitors are now eligible to combine certificates they win toward the purchase of a single axle set of brake pads.

Not only are competitors eligible to win up to $150 per weekend toward the purchase of Hawk Performance products, they can combine those rewards toward their purchase. The program awards 1st place finishers with a $150 in Hawk bucks for a race win while 2nd and 3rd are eligible for $100 and $75 respectively. The program will be made available immediately to all NASA competitors across all classes. For complete details on the new contingency program, please visit

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