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2017 Toyo Tires NASA Contingency Programs

Napa Valley, CA – (February 8, 2017) The National Auto Sport Association (NASA) is pleased to announce the official 2017 Toyo Tires Contingency Support Program.  Whatever class you run in be it Racing, Enduro or Time Trials, Toyo Tires is offering you the chance to win “Toyo Bucks”. Competitors in our American Iron, Spec Iron, and CMC classes will be eligible for nearly $5,000 in awards per weekend. Participants in the NASA Prototype NP01, Spec E46 and Factory Five classes will be eligible for up to nearly $4,000 per weekend while the smaller tired classes of Spec Miata, Spec E30, and 944 Spec will be eligible for up to nearly $2200 in awards per weekend. 

Toyo is also bringing back their extremely lucrative NASA Championships contingency program making up to $10,750 in cash awards available to each NASA class that specifies the use of Toyo Tires. In total, Toyo Tires is making over $300,000 in cash awards available to NASA competitors at our two Championship events in 2017!  

“The Toyo Tires contingency program is the best in the industry” said Jeremy Croiset, NASA’s Director of Business Development.  “Their program allows our competitors the opportunity to stretch their racing dollars further and get more out of their year because of choosing NASA and Toyo Tires. Their contingency program really is second to none in the industry. Toyo continues to demonstrate their commitment to amateur motorsports continually giving back to their customer and we’re proud to have them onboard as the Official Tire of NASA.”

"We continue to enjoy a wonderful relationship with NASA and the fantastic membership that races with them” said Marc Sanzenbacher, Senior Manager of Motorsports at Toyo Tires. “The competitors that choose Toyo as their brand of choice are very important to us and we’re thrilled to be in a position that allows us to give back to every single one of them.” 

These programs are available immediately for NASA competitors to take advantage of and Toyo Tires will retroactively honor any awards submitted for 2017 within the next 30 days. For complete details on the new 2017 Toyo Tires Contingency Program, please visit

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